Fitness Kick-Boxing

                  Gyms, health clubs and ordinary fitness programs are fine, if that's all you want. But why settle for just ordinary when you can have the real thing -- the most effective, intense and fun fitness workout. If you want lose weight, tone up, stretch out, relieve stress, get stronger, learn how to defend yourself, and have some fun this is the workout for you.                                          

                  Get the results that you want! ​ Sensei Joey and Mrs. Katrina Brassell’s Fitness Kickboxing!! We make our workouts fun, challenging, and different all the time, so you never get bored. Our classes are taught by seasoned martial art professionals that will show you proper and safe technique on how to kick, punch to make you feel confident. Our workouts also include toning, stretching, Boxing drills, Kickboxing Drills, band work, core work, we give you a full body workout, plus the Self-Defense Edge.                                                                    


                All our workouts change from day to day so you will never get bored. These workouts help in other sports and activities such as running and team sports. You can experience high-power workouts and training you'll have a great time, you'll meet good people, and you'll feel great!                                                                                                                                                                    

​                                                                      Fitness with a Martial Arts Edge

                                                                                 Adult Small Circle Jujitsu

Our Adult Small Circle JuJitsu Classes are devoted to Street Practical Self-Protection. We teach you how to protect yourself efficiently and effectively against all types of attacks.  Small Circle JuJitsu teaches to recognize the mistakes of the attacker and to take advantage of these mistakes. The beauty of Small Circle JuJitsu it gives you the options to control and contain/subdue the attacker/aggressor without causing damage to them. This benefit works out great for our law enforcement and security officers. You will learn how to protect yourself against striking and kicking attacks, grabbing/holding attacks, weapon attacks, multiple attacks, and being on the ground. You will learn a variety of responses to use against the attacker so you will be able to get away safely. Knowledge is power: Keep yourself, family and friends safe. Men and Women, mothers, nurses, lawyers, business owners, law-enforcement, security officers, and corrections officers learn advanced personal street safety. ​ 

Ages 3-7

Developed by Sensei Brassell for ages 8-13 year-old boys and girls.This goes further on the self-protection side. They're taught how to use locking capabilities to stop someone from fighting any further. We teach the kids how to use joint locks and body control measures so that if someone is trying to hurt them they can stop them quickly, they can put them in a position so that other child or the adult can't fight back right away so they can get out of the situation safely.                                                                                  
They're also taught how to use kicking and punching as distractions to be able to stop that person. It's another development sign where hand/eye coordination comes in. The confidence-building drills and exercise that we do in this class are important, especially for kids going into their early teens.                                                                                                                    
All kids benefit from this training. We have some of the smartest, most accomplished kids around. And kids who have low self-esteem, kids who have memory problems or A.D.D. are also definitely helped because it’s all on an individual basis. It's not a team thing, if you're in a team, you're relying on everyone else around you to help you.                                                                                                  

In Small Circle Jujitsu, no one helps you except yourself. When you do something right, you're the one who has done it. That's another very important piece, especially for the Super Samurai. It develops confidence-building skills, memory-building skills, hand/eye coordination and physical skills. It helps kids of this age excel and build confidence. How much time does a young student spend in training? That's up to parents.                                                                                                                                          

Developed by Sensei Brassell for ages 3 year-old boys and girls. This program teaches hand/eye coordination, self-discipline, focus, concentration and helps with memory. We teach self-protection skills while dealing with other students in the same age range.                                                                                        
The thrust at this age, especially in self-protection, is not just to teach to kick and punch, like other martial arts do, but to develop the working knowledge of how to use good hand skills and body skills to take down that other person and hold them down so they don't fight any more. We stress street safety, teaching martial arts to recognize potential danger and how to get away from it.                                                                                                                            
The Little Ninjas program builds confidence by teaching kids how to use off-balancing and proper body alignment so that your child doesn't have to hurt another child to stop them. Yes, kicking and punching is part of it, but they're not the first things that we want to see coming from a young person.                                                                                                          
Parents don't need to send their kids to martial arts schools to teach them how to kick and punch. They already know how to do that. If a kid pushes one of my students, I don't want that boy or girl to punch him in the face or kick him or needlessly hurt that kid. I want my children - if they know how to protect themselves - to stop that kick or punch, take that child down and restrain him so he won't fight any more. And then they can stop and become friends again. Even without the potential for lawsuits against you, kicking and punching can mean real damage -- and I don't want that coming from a five- or seven-year-old. I want them safe, confident and empowered.                                                                              

It's a fun class. The kids have a good time and they understand the boundaries I teach. It's just a great program for
parents to get their children into.

Ages 8-13

Joey Brassell's Family Martial Arts Academy