Below is a list of schools that currently have students signed up for our after school program starting in August 2018!!

At Joey Brassell’s Family Martial Arts Academy we specialize in providing a clean, healthy, safe and positive Christian environment in which our professional instructors teach martial arts and fitness classes. We focus on developing qualities such as: respect, discipline, and confidence. Working parents can feel at ease knowing that their children are safe with positive people that care.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with families to teach and guide our Joey Brassell’s Family Martial Arts Academy children to become respectful, confident, and disciplined members of the community. An added (and the most important) benefit is that our staff has the ability to reinforce the martial arts values outside of classes as well as in class. This makes our After-School Martial Arts Program a one-of-a-kind experience for all families and students involved.

           What are the Benefits of our After-School Program?

1.    Trusted and caring Christian staff: Our certified instructors take pride in sharing the positive values and philosophy of Joey Brassell’s Family Martial Arts Academy. Our staff is what we call “home grown” by having completed JBFMA’S Martial Arts Character Development Leadership Training. They share the passion to make a positive impact on the students of Joey Brassell’s Family Martial Arts Academy. All of our staff has either been students who have invested years in their martial arts training.

2.   Safe, structured & positive environment:Your children's safety is our number one focus. Your children will be in the care of our certified staff from their schools' dismissal until they are picked up at the end of the day. We have weekly curriculum providing physical activities, character development themes, martial arts/ fitness classes and life skills workshops to keep the students active and engaged. Joey Brassell’s Family Martial Arts Academy’s After School Martial Arts Program is the best investment in your child’s future.


3.   Learn Martial Arts Values:

a.       Respect: Respect is the foundation of martial arts. Our students show respect by following the traditions of bowing and saying, "Thank you, Sir" in every class. In doing so, our students will take the appreciation and respect that they learn at Joey Brassell’s Family Martial Arts Academy to their homes, schools and communities.

b.       Discipline: We will help your child develop the self-control and discipline that will surely improve their academics as well as any other activity they are involved in. Our students have the self-control to make the right decisions even in tough situations.

c.       Confidence: Joey Brassell’s Family Martial Arts Academy’s students develop the confidence in themselves to accomplish anything they wish, in and out of the martial arts schools. We help shy, timid children who can’t even look you in the eye, develop the confidence to break through concrete at their black belt graduation. When children develop confidence at Joey Brassell’s Family Martial Arts Academy, they show confidence in school, home and activities which translates to a successful child in life.


4.   Fitness Activities: Joey Brassell’s Family Martial Arts Academy provides our students with quality martial arts instruction that will give your children the skills to defend themselves, become “bully proof,” and learn traditional martial arts skills, while getting physical exercise. The physical training allows your children to be physically active, get proper exercise and develop healthy habits. This will lead them to feel great about what they are doing and about themselves!


5. Goal Oriented programs:We have programs put in place to award great behavior and academic excellence. These programs have done incredible things with our regular martial arts classes. 90% of our children classes have an average of A/B honor roll or better. With us at Joey Brassell’s Family Martial Arts Academy and you as the parents of the children being on the same page working toward the same goal of getting the very best out of your child, there is nothing they can’t accomplish. Some examples of rewarding there academic accomplishments are: Pizza Parties, Ice Cream parties, Nerf parties, Video Game Tournament Parties.


6. Transportation Provided: We know how hard it is to get your children to activities after-school. We have the solution for you! We provide free transportation that will pick your child up after-school and safely transport them to our facility.

7. Half Day Programs at no extra cost:  Joey Brassell’s Family Martial Arts Academy’s convenient hours accommodates the working parents schedules with a pick up time at 6:05 pm. This program is also the answer to the parents’ needs for half days. When the schools have to close early for snow, you will not have to scramble to figure out what to do with your children.

8.Homework Assistance: Imagine how your life will change not rushing from work to pick up your child, then rushing them over to their extracurricular activity and finally, after all that, go home to start the homework process, while they are rushing there dinner down. You have us for that now! The first thing we will do is give the children a SNACK and a few minutes to unwind. Then it’s on to knocking their homework out with them. We will make sure it’s done properly. We have a great working relationship with our county schools and teachers. We will coordinate with our student’s teachers to make that no homework slips through the cracks.

9. Bang for your Buck: The price for our after school program is $80 per week, any additional child will be $30 per week. All students signed up to our after school program, also gain access to all of our regular classes at no additional cost! As a way for us to say thank you, the Parents of the children in our after school program also gain access to participate in all of our classes we offer at no additional cost! 

Joey Brassell's Family Martial Arts Academy


1. South Haven Christian Academy

​2. Westside Elementary School

3. Crestview Elementary School

​4. Cheatham Park Elementary School

5. Jo Byrns Elementary School

​6. Krisle Elementary School

​7. Greenbrier Elementary School

​8. Greenbrier Middle School

9. Jo Byrns Elementary School

10. Coopertown Elementary School

11. Coopertown Middle School